Upgrade or refresh your knowledge with our experienced lecturers who are guided by the principle of practical application of theoretical knowledge.

Rich teaching experience

Team members have extensive teaching experience at several Croatian universities, colleges, private higher education institutions and other educational institutions, and some of them are:

  • University Department of Forensic Sciences, University of Split
  • Police Academy
  • Faculty of Criminology
  • Croatian Military Academy Dr. Franjo Tudjman
  • Ban Josip Jelačić War School
  • Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb
  • Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Split
  • Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb
  • ASPIRA High School, and many others


Lectures based on practical examples and experiences


The members of the team performed tasks of the highest level of national and international security and held high managerial and operational positions in the security system of the Republic of Croatia, at universities and in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia.

During their professional career, they have collaborated with the most respectable international organizations: UNPROFOR, UNCRO, UNTAES, SFOR, IFOR, EU, NATO and others, security protected the highest Croatian government officials and ministries, and worked on a number of security projects, assessments and security plans, etc.


Types of education

Your education can be: classic ex-chaterdra, field education, combination of ex-chatedra and field, online, etc.

In our lectures and trainings we implement modern educational principles such as:

  • Interactivity between lecturers and students
  • Encouraging independent thinking
  • Combining theory and practice
  • Encouraging critical thinking
  • Using multimedia, etc.




Some of the topics that may be the subject of your lectures are:

  • General security
  • Corporate security
  • Information security
  • Security system management
  • Event security management
  • Workplace security
  • Terrorism and contemporary security threats
  • Deescalation procedure, and many others.